06 July 2016

Dawn of the Dead European Cut 2016 4K Restoration

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2016-08-23 - New information on upcoming Italian releases.
2016-07-20 - New information on the framing.

Ok guys, I've got some pretty good news for you today. Yesterday, I was provided with some 4K frames (3996 x 2160 10bit .dpx) for the upcoming 4K Restoration of the European Cut of Dawn of the Dead as they wanted my opinions/suggestions on how it looks since according to Michele, the project supervisor, I'm a huge expert regarding the movie plus, I happen to be a Digital Colorist in my every day life. www.dannyduchesneau.com.

For those who missed it, almost a year ago, Dawn of the Dead European Cut 4K Restoration supervisor Michele De Angelis announced the restoration on Facebook;

- August 21, 2015

"The original interpositive of the International version cut by Dario Argento, has been sent to UK for a brand new 4K film scan. The restoration process will be then carried at LVR studios in Rome, using their brand new state of the art Color Correction facility, one of the most advanced in Europe. I'm acting as Project Supervisor. The movie will be re-released on 150 screens across Italy when the job will be finished. This has been possible thanks to #alanyoungreunion and many people involved in this project, Manlio Gomarasca first, the copyright owner Norton Trust, the original producers Alfredo and Antonello Cuomo and all the staff at Koch Media that will take care of the distribution on every platform in Italy. Thank you all, keep you posted with more news."

February 28, 2016

Michele strikes back and tell me that the 4K scan (pin-registered) finally took place at LVR Video, Rome instead of some UK Lab. LVR Video borrowed a Cintel diTTo evolution 4K scanner, they will do some jobs and then decide if they keep it or not.

- July 5, 2016

I'm contacted by Gianni Vittori from LVR Video and he provides me with some sample 4K frames. He told me they were almost finished with the Color Correction and that the next step is the Restoration (removing annoying film artifacts).

Judging from the sample frames I was provided from several reels of the film, it will look STUNNING. The colors are kept natural and the texture is organic. There's not much to be said about it except that to me, it looks Perfect. I know it's not everyone's best cut of the film but I must admit, I really like it as it's the cut I grew with since I live in a non-English region, Qu├ębec.

For those wondering why they're not going back to the OCN (Original Camera Negative) for that restoration, well, something tells me they're probably used for a "Cut Assembly" for either the Theatrical or Extended Cut.

Here's a compilation of information about the restoration.

- Dawn of the Dead was shot using 
two different types of negatives. Therefore, the 35mm Interpositive is made from two different sources.

1 - 35mm Full Aperture 1.33:1 (4096 x 3112)
2 - 35mm Academy 1.375:1 (3654 x 2664)

Full Aperture


- The 35mm Interpositive was scanned (pin-registered) using a Cintel ditto evolution 4K scanner at LVR VideoThe resulting files are 4096 x 3112, 10bit .dpx files. Please note that an Interpositive already have baked-in color corrections made in the optical world back when it was struck in 1978, therefore the digital color correction is usually quite subtle when dealing with an Interpositive. You don't know what an Interpositive is, please have a look at this small guide I wrote here.

Raw 4K Scan (4096x3112) of Interpositive (Full Aperture shot)

- The Color Correction was done on Nucoda Film Master.

- The film was Color Corrected in DCI P3 Colorspace on a Christie CP2210 2K Projector. (The same projector used in your favorite theater.)

- The Restoration will be done using MTI DSR Nova.

- No noise reduction, no digital filtering was/will be used at all.

- The Digital Master resolution is 3996 x 2160 (DCI Flat 1.85).

- (2016-07-22) The framing will keep the original theatrical framing in keeping with cinematographer Michael Gornick's framing. Note that the 2004 master for the Theatrical Cut made for Anchor Bay at Crest National, US was showing a little too much on the left side decentering shots that were designed to be centered.

 Decentered 2004 Anchor Bay master

 Decentered 2004 Anchor Bay master

 Decentered 2004 Anchor Bay master

(2016-08-23) Italian label Midnight Factory will release Zombi in Blu-ray as well as UHD Blu-ray at fall.

I'm happy for LVR Video regarding this restoration as they will prove to a legion of Blu-ray collectors that they can and will provide organic masters of Italian cinema to labels in the future.

I'd like to thank Michele De Angelis to have brought me in the loop and for Gianni Vittori at LVR Video for providing me with sample images and much more.



The sample frame as well as all comparison images below were updated to reflect the final framing decided on July 21, 2016.
Please note that the colors might end up being slightly different on the Blu-ray as they're still refined as we speak.

2016 Sample Frame DCI Flat 1.85 (3996 x 2160) Digital Master.

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