Dawn Of The Dead Different Cuts Lenght

- European Cut - 119mins (Timecode Happinet 01:58:57:22)
- European Cut PAL - 114mins (1:54:15)

- Theatrical Cut - 127 mins (Timecode Happinet 02:06:51:12)

- Theatrical & Extended Cut Hybrid - 128mins (2:08:24) - Mistake made by Anchor Bay

- Extended Cut - 139mins (Timecode Happinet 02:19:18:12)

- Zombie: Earth SOS Dead Rising - 92mins (1:32:00)

- Extended Mall Hours Cut - 154mins (2:34:26)

Sometimes while authoring DVDs and Blu-rays, companies will add their logo, i.e., Authoring logo at the end of the credits. Sometimes additional black video will be added at the beginning and the end of a movie so when you press play you get 2 seconds of black before the movie actually start. These supplementary materials are not included in the durations above.